The journey of a
thousand miles begins with one step.

We facilitate your entry into the European single market.
We are your “one-stop-shop” holistic advisor that will guide you end-to-end



Our company purpose is to provide high quality investment opportunities, tailored to the specific needs of our investment clients. While doing so, we serve them end-to-end, in order to provide maximum process security. As a byproduct of our endeavor, we promote Bulgaria as an attractive investment destination for foreign investors with an explicit focus at Asian investors. The explicitly defined company mission bases on the experience gained by the two founders of the company and is complemented by their team and their external partnerships

Further, we have been chosen by the Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria and the InvestBulgaria Agency on a project aimed at analyzing the attitudes and needs of foreign investors from Asia, complementing their own strategy to facilitate FDI in the country



Investor-centric approach

No two investments are the same – we will design the right investment together with you to fit your specific investment and business needs. While doing so, we will provide you with all the necessary services from initiation to closing to running your investment

Legal and transactional advisory

We support you over the whole Investment cycle - from Screening to Closing and Setting foot on the ground

Accounting and audit advisory

Independent Evaluation of the Investment and supporting the Fulfillment of Regulatory, Accounting and Tax requirements

Local Regulatory and Certification Advisory

We support You and Your Business End-to-end

Access to our Network of Professional partners

Beyond professional service providers, depending on the type of business and investment, we will create the link to trusted partners

Corporate investors

Bulgaria can deliver growth to your core business by gaining direct access to the European single market and broadening your footprint. At the same time, the business environment is extremely attractive and pushes you to think of adjacent to your core or even disruptive business models – implementable in Bulgaria end-to-end

Personal investors

Bulgaria offers more than just pure diversification to your investment portfolio. The country offers a variety of high-quality assets with above average returns, while at the same providing an attractive environment for private investors. Known to many European investors, the time to think about expanding your portfolio to Bulgaria is now



Today’s Bulgaria is constantly evolving, ever changing at a fast pace and investment opportunities are expanding. Our portfolio of investment opportunities comprises a variety of selected commercial real estate to running businesses.
Whatever the purpose of your investment, we are ready to offer you the most suitable options









International integration and strong discipline benefit the country

Stable political, fiscal and business environment

Bulgaria is a member of the Europe Union, NATO and WTO;

GDP growth in 2017
GDP growth in 2018
GDP growth in 2019

positioned well above the EU average;

The currency Bulgaian Lev has a fixed exchange rate torwards the Euro of 1.95583 Lev for 1 Euro;

Fiscal deficit have been limited compared to other EU countries, leading to a


debt as a percentage of GDP at the end of 2019

High value-add industries have fueled above EU average economic growth

Focus on high-value add industries

Production businesses focusing on machine building, esp. Automotive, electrical engineering and electronics, as well as chemistry with long-standing history, benefitting from the highly skilled and well-trained workforce

IT sector is becoming and industry hotspot for the region and Europe, leading to significant foreign investments in the sector and high demand, making it a key contributor for GDP per capita and salary growth

Business process outsourcing (BPO) has been a key driver for growth in the 2000s

Food and agriculture are traditionally a strong sector of the Bulgarian economy due to the excellent soil and favorable weather conditions


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