Who we are

Capinvest Europe Advisors Ltd. main focus is to facilitate the access of Asian investors to various areas of the Bulgarian economy. We are offering attractive investment opportunities both for Businesses and Corporations, as well as for High-net-worth individuals.
We have profound knowledge of the investment environment and opportunities of the Bulgarian and regional market with a best-in-class, up to date proprietary investment database. At the same time, we know well the Capinvest Europe Advisors Ltd. offers full administrative, consulting and business support in the research, due diligence, negotiation, transactional phases of an investment. After that, we continue our support until your business sets foot in Bulgaria and afterwards. The same goes for supporting the management of your financial investment 


Management Team


Alexander Dreischuh

Alexander Dreischuh is a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Alumnus, where he worked for 8 years, from Associate to Principal. He has worked for a number of leading Financial Institutions, Insurers, PE funds and Industrial companies (e.g., in Healthcare)

Further, Alexander has graduated experience on the investor side as part of the real estate investment unit of Allianz and their fixed income investment unit (Allianz Global Investors)

Alexander has graduated business administration with mechanical engineering with Honors from the Technical University in Munich, Germany. Based on his broad industry experience he sees a win-win situation that will benefit both sides

“Bulgaria is still undervalued from an investor’s point of view. Yields are high in an EU view and show an attractive risk-return profile, rarely found in Europe. For industrial companies Bulgaria offers excellent market access combined with a competitive quality to cost ratio”


Ivaylo Daskalov

Ivaylo Daskalov has worked as a commercial pilot for various Bulgarian and international airlines around the globe. His experience spans from South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China and Pakistan in Asia, to Germany, Iceland and Bulgaria in Europe to the US

Ivaylo’s most recent work experience for Asiana Airlines was based in Seoul, South Korea. During this time, he gained valuable personal experience in Asian culture and economy

Having a financial education as a background and being a successful entrepreneur himself, Ivaylo sees the existing opportunities, the successful examples and the continuously growing potential that lie in the cooperation between his homeland and Asian investors and businesses

“I deeply believe that Capinvest Europe Advisors will serve as an example of transparent and productive long-term relations between Asia and Europe.”


Expert team

Greta Kuneva

Accounting and Tax Advisory

Dimitar Kirov

Legal Counsel

Milena Mihaylova

Investor Relations and Investment Management

Expert team

We are currently expanding our partner network of expert consultants on the various topics relevant to your endeavour – from transactional and due diligence advisory, to legal, tax, audit services, regulatory project facilitation and construction. Stay tuned!