What we do

To put it straight – We specialize in making your life easier. We facilitate every part of your investment journey and focus on where support matters most, while at the same time present potential hurdles. This builds the core of our advisory approach 

Investor-centric approach

No two Investments are the same

We carefully study your business to generate insights to start the Selection of appropriate investment opportunities specific to your goals, targets, investment horizon and coherent with your growth plans

We navigate you through the selection process entirely based on your specific business needs and preferences that define the criteria for the investment screening and evaluation

We create a detailed plan of action, with full transparency on steps, requirements, expected times of completion, costs and potential critical paths based on our experience and your desired pace of action

Accounting and audit advisory

Independent Evaluation of the Investment and supporting the Fulfillment of Regulatory, Accounting and Tax requirements

We perform an independent investment evaluation during the due diligence, growth, holding period and potential divestment for financial investors. For business investors we focus on an project evaluation of the business investment with regard to the specific business goals and targets, e.g., for entering the European single market and the gains resulting from this

We support your administrative and regulatory duties connected to a potential investment that range from company formation to changing company structures and submitting various filings to regulators and authorities. These cover both “one-off” processes connected to the investment transaction, as well as regular duties

We can administer monthly and yearly VAT filings in Bulgaria and across the EU via our partner network. Whatever your business or investment focus is, from pure financial investment to import into the EU, manufacturing or cross-border trade, VAT, other tax and import duty topics will be part of your journey. We will help you manage them

Local Regulatory and Certification Advisory

We support You and Your Business End-to-end

We guide you through the process  of acquiring all the necessary regulatory approvals and permits for your business endeavour, e.g.  business licenses, work permits, building permits, customs documents

We link you to the relevant Government Agencies and Regulatory bodies, as well as Certification companies from the Private Sector in order to gain all the necessary accreditations and certifications for your investment

We support the Certification effort for your project based on the Investment Promotion Act of the Invest Bulgaria Agency based on the specific qualification criteria defined by the Bulgarian Ministry of Economics

Access to our Network of Professional partners

Beyond professional services providers, depending on the type of business and investment, we will create the link to trusted partners, e.g. in:

  • Construction planning and execution
  • Logistics service providers and Warehousing
  • IT Development and Implementation
  • Local marketing and advertising experts
  • Consultants on Regulatory Approval Procedures
  • Grant and Loan Consultants (incl. EU funding)