Bulgaria is slowly but steadily becoming a more attractive destination for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). The percentage of Bulgarian GDP that FDI comprises has more than tripled in recent years. The reasoning is complex – it is a combination of its access to the European single market since 2007, its strategic geopolitical position on the intersection to Asia and its close connection to the Eastern European countries and Russia, as well its diversified industry focus. In more recent years, Bulgaria has advanced to a high-tech and start-up hub, reaching one of the top places in the world for software development. The country offers many opportunities for both corporate and private investors

Institutional and corporate investors

Every corporate investor knows that a long-term partnership is the effective recipe for success. It is long-term cooperation that is at the root of our understanding of doing business. Тransparent and fair relationships embody our ideas of work. We are ready to study your business, to understand its needs and to offer you the most suitable opportunities

Private investors & HNWI

 Being responsible for your finances is a sign of concern for yourself and your loved ones. In today’s globalized world, investment options extend far beyond the borders of our own countries. Bulgaria is known in the region not only as an extremely hospitable country, but is also gaining popularity as an excellent and profitable investment opportunity